No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Feliz Navidad :)

We are finishing our last few Christmas events this week. Joel has his school Christmas play on Monday and then his Christmas party at school Tuesday. We will have a leaders party this week and a movie night for families on Thursday. That night I’ve hired some local women to make some tamales for the party as well as bunuelos which are kind of like large flat flour tortillas that are fried (crunchy) and covered in cinnamon and sugar. Yum, I’m excited about the food for sure. Both of these things are typical December foods here. The youth will have their own party that we will have to miss as we fly out this Friday! Gotta get packing!



We went to the Huichol village this Friday, and it was actually the first time when we went to the village that I was chilly! It’s a little further south than Zacatecas and it’s usually always really sunny, which it was, but we are just having a cold snap here and I felt it. As I visited and prayed with a family in their home I just imagined what it might be like to try and sleep through the cold nights there with what they have: Adobe walls, maybe a bed, maybe a hammock. The adobe house I was in, they had begun to insulate more by flattening cardboard boxes and lining the walls with them. We got to reunite with the leaders L&P from the village. They seem refreshed and excited to get back to work. I could tell L was not as shy as I had her help me translate my lesson into Wixa. She was telling jokes as she relayed what I was saying, which kept the ladies interested, so that was great! (They were gone for a year at a ministry training school)


Stephen and I got to go see the Nutcracker in Aguascalientes last weekend.

Yesterday we had our big church party for the children and mothers that come to the feeding center and women’s group on Saturdays. One of our leaders and some of the faithful ladies came early and made a green pozole soup: hominy, tomatillo, green ancho chiles, oregano, cilantro and chicken. We had the annual Christmas play that the youth put together, and sang some Christmas carols. Then we all ate together. As the children left they got a “bolo” which is a bag full of candy and a couple small toys.


This little guy has had a big year. He had more than one hole in his heart and has had a couple operations this year. He is 5 but compared to the 2 year old in front of him, he is small for his age. We are glad God has been faithful to him and his family and that they have been able to find hope in seeking God in community with us. I think they are still looking at more surgeries in his future, but he is doing well recovering.



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