No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Family update

We had a great Thanksgiving here at our house with two other missionary couple friends. Joel started the day off at school, in the morning, which helped mommy and daddy get a lot more done haha. We enjoyed the relaxing day of good food and good company.


awwww 🙂

And now onto Advent. It’s fun this year that Joel is “getting it” a lot more than the years prior. We are doing an advent calendar this year with a verse a day and of course a piece of candy. Yes I did recycle candy he already had, and put it into the Advent calendar. Hahaha. I ask him questions about the verse to see if he got it…so far, “What did the angel tell Mary?” Joel-“Don’t worry! I’m gonna get you a baby!” Sometimes he gets confused between the angel and God. He tells me Jesus/God have flying speed power. Which I assume is probably true, so I can see how that would be confusing. On Sundays we light the advent wreath candles, sing some carols and watch a kids advent devotional video that is just a few minutes and great for his age. Even that i can tell he is more into this year than last. He’s talking a lot about Santa too, from all those TV shows of course. And he had a long chat with the Santa at the mall, whom he assumed spoke English, and he does speak some. But I don’t think Santa kept up with everything.


Joel is doing well at school. He enjoys cutting much more than coloring. He has been able to write his name for about a month now. Right now they are working on his school Christmas play. He is responsible for singing the English part to “Feliz Navidad/I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas”. He acquired that part for obvious reasons. He also volunteered to be his class’s representative to say a line in the Christmas play. So he will be one of the shepherds for that. At least he’s not the devil. Yes, in the Christmas plays here, the devil always plays a part. Oh boy. Anyway we were relieved he got shepherd. They are also singing a lullaby as a class to baby Jesus. It’s really cute.


here’s Joel at church with his “Stocking” lol 

Anabel has two teeth now. She loves to be around Joel and play with him. He does pretty well with that, except when she is tugging on him a whole lot. Even with that, he’s still nice to her, just makes it clear he doesn’t like that. She continues to eat any baby food we get her. She is also very interested in what we are eating. She ate half a small pancake, one tiny piece at a time a few days ago, because that’s what we were eating and she was just so interested in it. She loves to wave to everyone, and also claps, so far without sound, but she does put her hands together. She says dada and mama (mama is usually when she is tired/hungry). Joel is anxious to know what her name for him will be. She makes other sounds but they aren’t very much like words yet lol. One of them is kind of a weird scream that cracks Joel up an he tries to get her to keep doing it for him.

Joel is excited for Christmas, but I think the season being roughly a month or so long is hard for him. He is excited to see his grandparents for Christmas and we are all hoping for some snow. Tomorrow his daddy will celebrate Sinterklaas with him, so that will be some excitement.


this photo is not so much about Stephen as it is the flag above his head. This is from a restaurant we went to Sunday, right here in Zacatecas, with a chief flag (UofI)! small world!


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