No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Conference time

We attended and helped out at the National Pastors and Leaders conference for La Vina Mexico this past weekend. It was exciting to see people from all over Mexico and I enjoyed seeing some friends from Mazatlan as well. Some of those people from Mazatlan I met 13 years ago! :0 How crazy is that?! One of them was Jorge Gallegos, a worship leader from Mazatlan who I met when I was 17. He stayed at our house during the conference. It’s exciting to see what God is doing in the big picture and to see how things are progressing. Keep praying for more leaders and more unity among them here in Mexico.


Here’s Anabel doing a trick for Jorge 🙂 hahaha. This was at the conference.

Stephen and I were excited for our leaders to attend the conference and hear some teaching from someone other than us. 🙂 It was also nice to not have to retell them everything that happened at the conference, but just to be able to take them along with us. Joel and Anabel survived the conference, but Anabel definitely prefers her naps at home in her bed versus being held. When Joel was her age he slept on the go wherever he could which often was while being held. Back then we didn’t have the same “work from home (on top of church)” situation that we do now. So she is lucky, until it comes to conference time haha.

I was also excited that we didn’t have to travel for the conference. Traveling with kids these ages makes me exhausted just to think about haha. I cant pinpoint why besides it just messes me and them up to be out of routine.


🙂 hahaha….this is Anabel’s “new face” she does it playfully and kind of snorts out her nose. We do it back, so although she looks kind of upset sometimes when she does it, we are pretty sure it’s a game….well we hope haha. She kind of giggles when we do it back and forth. It’s her church greeting face of course. LOL 

We will celebrate Thanksgiving here in Zacatecas a few other missionaries. We are hosting them at our house, which will be nice for the kids. I plan on sending Joel to school in the morning. (It’s not a holiday here on Thursday!) They did just have a holiday today which gave him a day of Monday. Today’s holiday was Revolution day. So Joel brought home a paper he colored that had the famous men of the Mexican Revolution on it. I pointed out to Joel that they all had mustaches and he smiled really big and suddenly took more of an interest in it haha. So it’s just a week full of holidays.

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