No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9


We lived through Day of the Dead this past week in Mexico. 🙂 Haha it sounds funny when you put it that way doesn’t it. We decided to not have Joel participate in his school festivities and he still lucked out and got the candy bag and the candied apple when he went back to school on Monday. So all was just peachy for him. At church we did a movie night on Thursday 11/1 instead of our usual discipleship service. The movie night was surprisingly well attended and we gave out lots of candy as if people were trick or treating. We did have a few people coming “pidiendo el muerto” which is basically the same as trick or treating, but involves a song about a dead man asking for his candy. Instead of dressing up in costumes here the traditional thing to do is for the kids to all come dressed and face painted as dead people/skeletons.


Price family addition of carved pumpkins 2018, all actually done by Stephen

We took advantage of the fact that we had cancelled activities at church on Friday and Saturday and took a short weekend trip to a neighboring city about 2 hours away from us called, San Luis Potosi. We visited a train museum which Joel liked, except he would have preferred that it included a train ride as well. We also visited a large children’s museum that the kids had fun at. There was also a huge city park we had some fun at including a small zoo. Other than that we did our usual things we do in larger cities: Krispy Kreme, IHOP, haha those were the only two U.S. establishments we sought out this time. There were a surprisingly low number of Starbucks in this city! We like exploring and it was fun to get a feel for this new city. We think we would go back.  There are some famous scenic places near the city where we’ve heard people go camping near waterfalls. That’s on our list of trips to do as well, maybe when the kids get a little older. We were grateful for the change in schedule and time to spend together doing family things.

Joel is doing well in school. His teacher was proud of how well he sings and dances and enjoys it, unlike other kids who are disinterested. He may not always love to color, but he has started to actually do it, whereas at first he preferred to just do what he wanted.

Anabel has started to wave. She does it really vigorously when I pick her up from her nap. 🙂 She is also really good at peek a boo now. Her peek a boo skills came out quite nicely when I was holding her during a leaders meeting last week and her daddy was trying to lead a book discussion. Distracting, but what can you do, she’s 8.5 months. I think she’s close to clapping. She’s also started saying dada.

On Thursdays we are having a consistent 15-20 people come to the study. The last discussion we did was on fasting, and some people are actually wanting to try a corporate fasting time together. It seemed that most of them haven’t done that before.  So we will have to see where that leads. We are almost done with the class on spiritual disciplines and we are thinking of doing a class on parenting starting in January.

Thanksgiving is coming soon! I’m so thankful for those of you who think of, pray for and support our family in numerous ways.


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