No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Photos from Joel’s party

We had a great time on Saturday celebrating Joel with his friends here in the neighborhood. He had been waiting for his Paw Patrol party for about 2 weeks I guess, but with him asking about it and begging for it to be the day every day it felt like a lot longer to me. He enjoyed the cake and the pinatas, and pizza and pop, and of course a few new toys. It was a good day, we had weather that was good enough to be outside on the patio, making clean up a little easier. And he’s only asked me a couple of times when his “pirate bone birthday” will be. I just keep telling him that we will do that when he’s 5, which seems to satisfy him.


Anabel in her party dress 🙂


He ended up having 4 pinatas for his 4th birthday, on accident. 🙂 But, it kept the kids busy. I had asked one person to bring one, she makes them, but I guess had a good time doing it because she brought 3. Another person said they would like to help us out by brining one as well. That one is the pointed star one which was actually the traditional kind made out of a clay pot in the middle. It was the first time our family had ever done one of those! It has quite a different sound when you are smacking it. I almost made a huge mistake by hanging that piñata without candy in it!!! It was heavy enough when I picked it up I thought maybe that family had filled it with candy already, but at the last minute before they started smacking the piñata I happened to look in and found out it was EMPTY!! Yikes, alert, pull that thing down and bring it back inside. The good thing was we caught it in time and got the candy in it.


We ordered Joel a “Paw Patrol” cake which he liked, even though he really doesn’t eat cake. Haha, but what’s a birthday without a cake. We got a special sparkler type candle and although he was a bit shocked by it at first, he thought it was cool once he got used to it.



The mexican tradition of the “mordida” (bite). The birthday person is supposed to take a bite of the cake after the song using just their mouth, no hands, and someone pushes their face in the cake. When kids get older this gets rowdy. 🙂


Success! He liked doing it and his face looks kind of like a Mexican flag. 🙂 I also like this picture as his good friend Camila is in the background giggling about his icing covered face. 

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