No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Joel is 4

Well we are about half way through Joel’s birthday week and the Price men birthday week really. Stephen’s birthday was on Sunday we celebrated by going out to a restaurant where he can get a nice steak, and Joel can get pizza, and they even brought out some saltines for Anabel. Haha, I ordered pasta if you were curious. When we were sitting there eating, Stephen and I realized we have been to that restaurant for his birthday 3 out of the 6 years we’ve celebrated his birthday here. How’s that for an accidental routine? We don’t usually go there at all in between these yearly visits either. Weird. rpt

Yesterday was Joel’s birthday (Tuesday). We still had him go to school in the morning, but he got take some special treats to share with his class. The principal gifted him another pair of these glasses he is beginning to love. If Joel turns out to be an ophthalmologist then I have some cute glasses pictures to show where it all started. Joel said the kids sang to him at school. He got to open his present from us when he got home which he has been asking for by name for weeks “nerf guns”. There’s one for him and one for daddy which both of them love. We’ve noticed that Joel more than anything really wants to do anything and everything with someone else. Even something as simple as watching TV, or eating a snack, he loves it 10x more if someone else is actively doing it with him.


Later in the evening he talked with tio David and tia Olivia. Their present was our first Amazon (Mexico) package!!! It arrived to our house directly this week, and even a few days early. So cool. It sounds dumb, but it’s new and great to us! This present was also a complete surprise to him, a “marble run”. His excitement was unbelievable and of course I didn’t catch it on video but it was awesome. He got to talk with abuelo and abuela as well who congratulated him and saw his new things he was ready to show off.

4 years old means Joel was up for 2, 4yo shots plus the yearly influenza shot which also happens to be given out in October. So today (the day after his birthday) Joel didn’t go to school because the clinic we got to for his vaccines does them at 11am, right in the middle of his school day. So, we packed up all 4 of us to the “shot doctor”. I turned on the Daniel Tiger episode of when he goes to get a shot at the doctor and then we were out the door. Joel did great and was brave all the way up until the nurse started getting the needles ready. Up until then, he was probably less nervous than I was about him getting shots. The nurse was going to give Anabel her shots first, but then saw Joel getting nervous and decided we should switch. I was glad she changed plans. I held him as he got THREE shots today. Then he was a little emotional and crabby with the nurse while she proceeded with the rest of the family. After the clinic we headed to the mall as we had promised him for some lunch and some time at the arcade.


Now that his real birthday and shot day are down, now it’s just party day (this Saturday). I’m planning on going easy this year. A small party with less people at our house with the three Ps: pastel (cake), pizza (Joel’s pick) and pinatas.

Joel continues to really be working on his Spanish as he asks questions a lot and also wants to watch cartoons in Spanish. He’s also started asking me about what letter words start with (in English). So that’s fun too! And it makes me think he’s actually beginning to understand and enjoy learning letters. He’s proud of being 4, although at first on Tuesday morning he said no, that he was still 3 until he had his paw patrol cake and party.

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