No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Thanksgiving in Mexico

This week we have been enjoying my parents as they came down to Mexico to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. What a treat! The last few years we have had American … Continue reading

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Things to be thankful for

I made a fleece tie blanket! 🙂 I had seen this buffalo plaid fleece in the window of a fabric shop I drive by daily on my way to pick … Continue reading

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Joy Unspeakable

The kids had a great time gathering candy last week. They each had parties at their school for Dia de Muertos and then they each had a party at their … Continue reading

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Just keep growing!

Yesterday we got to be special guests at Joel’s school. Here in Mexico, within the school system, United Nations Day is a very celebrated thing. It really is just the … Continue reading

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October brings a bunch of birthdays!

This past week was Birthday week for the Price men in the family, Stephen 10/14 and Joel 10/16. We told Joel a couple weeks prior that we weren’t planning on … Continue reading

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Tumbling into some new things

Since the pandemic shut downs with the age of our kids we’ve been eager for them to get to do activities with other kids. During the pandemic years of school … Continue reading

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A weekend in the mountains

In Zacatecas we live at 8500ish feet so we are always in “the mountains” haha but this weekend we went to spend the weekend in Haimatsie, the Wixarika village we … Continue reading

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Harvest among the Huichol

This weekend we had quite the opportunity, and honor to be special invitees to baptisms that the Wixarika (Huichol) people were hosting. This meeting included Christians from the village we … Continue reading

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September fun

The fair is back! After 3 years 🙂 well 2 of not having it 2020 and 2021. Joel still remembered the things we did 3 years ago, and when he … Continue reading

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Time for Fall Wildflowers, and other fall traditions…

We are really excited by what we see God doing! The team here in Zacatecas truly believes they can do what God has called them to do. One of our … Continue reading

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