No Ear Has Heard

"What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no mind has conceived – the things God has prepared for those who love him." 1 Cor. 2:9

Purchasing a new Truck in a Pandemic

They always say when things aren’t certain, for example trying times, financial crisis or what have you, it’s a general rule of thumb to not do something drastic. Like, move, … Continue reading

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Enjoying summer

This week we’ve gotten to go fishing, kayaking and playing in the water a lot again. And this weekend we will be on a 2 night camping trip at a … Continue reading

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From COVID tests to peanut butter ice cream…

You read that correctly, and now you have a craving 🙂 Not for a COVID test haha but for peanut butter ice cream….so so good, and home made by none … Continue reading

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Rainy season and 4th of July in Mexico!

We have enjoyed being here later into the summer this year. In the past we have spent June in the States and come back mid July, but this year we … Continue reading

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I’ve been overwhelmed by stories this week. Stories of how good God has been to his people. How he has been faithful even in these hard times. One lady in … Continue reading

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Reaching people who reach people

  Well we are now on week two of the nutrition plan. It’s not as hard now, I’m not as hungry, so that’s good! I’ve never really understood the antioxidant … Continue reading

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Well, I wrote in the last blog that I would be starting a nutrition plan on Monday to work on lowering my percentage of body fat and be at a … Continue reading

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New things!

12 new groups! There have been a couple of families in our neighborhood who have gotten involved in our church through our recent online materials. They had not been attendees … Continue reading

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This Week..downs and ups!

This week we got some news on 5/15 that let me down a bit. As the federal government here is talking and planning about re-opening Mexico they were informing people … Continue reading

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Quarantine continues, mother’s day!

We learned to celebrate mom’s in a new way this year. This was one of the special years when Mexican mothers day (always on May 10th) and US mother’s day … Continue reading

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